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Wollow hosts "Mathematical Stars" 2022

Shared workplace Wollow - Varna hosts this year's final round of the math competition for children - "Mathematical stars" 2022.

In unison with our company's policy of supporting and developing young talent, children with a strong interest in mathematics have been trained in the Wollow office, which is also a shared workplace, for over half a year. As a socially active company and team, we motivate and support various activities of the young people from the city of Varna, because they are our future.

We can proudly say that the finals of this year's competition "Mathematical Stars" 2022 for children from Varna will be held in our creative office, and there will be active video surveillance for its proper conduct. Our young mathematicians will represent the city and themselves in a discipline that is basic for many future professions and qualifications, which has given a good starting point for their upcoming additional training in the near future.

Over the years, our team has organized or hosted many events, trainings, competitions or conferences, direct participants in which were tens of thousands of people. We have the experience, the active residents of Varna know what we have enriched our favorite city with, and many new challenges lie ahead in the near and distant future.

From the position of the first shared workplace in Varna (04.2014), which continues to work sustainably and develops, we have the confidence to be proud of the results we have achieved over the years.

Wollow hosts "Mathematical Stars" 2022