Fixed desk

wollow service Fixed desk

Fixed desk is just like in a standard office, you will have a certain place that is personal to you. It is not given to our other clients, but is reserved only for you. With it you usually get storage space around the desk, your belongings can stay permanently in your personal corner, there is an opportunity to provide you with a key if necessary, and there are some other advantages, such as a business address. This service is provided only in case of a contract with a duration of more than 3 months.


Pay per day
20 BGN
Monthly Hot Desk
200 BGN to pick a free desk to work from
Monthly Fixed Desk
250 BGN for a fixed place which is only yours
Meeting Room
20 BGN/hour
100 BGN/day
Team Room
20 BGN/hour
100 BGN/day
Soundproof Room
20 BGN/hour
50 BGN/day

VAT is not included!