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Wollow Coworking Space - Varna

Started in 2014, Wollow Coworking Space is a shared office space designed to foster great work and build community. Ideal for solo workers, growing your business, or starting a new one. Wollow Space involves a shared working environment, private rooms and meeting rooms. Located in downtown Varna, Wollow Space is accessible to everyone!

Coworking space is an office, in which everybody with a liberal profession, freelance activities or small business, can rent a desk for a day, week, month or year. Coworking spaces are great opportunity for these of you, who need a computer to realize their projects – designers, journalists, writers, translators, developers and others. In co-working spaces you can share ideas, experience, start new projects with other co-workers or just work independently, without getting distracted.

Our work, like our life, requires flexibility, so we designed a wide array of membership options to fit your needs and made them all month-to-month.
Wollow Coworking Space is the ultimate creative’s escape at the best pricing in Varna town.


Varna is a cherished destination for tourists. It’s the perfect resort city and has everything that you need. Lively atmosphere, numerous bars, lovely long beaches, crystal clear waters and restaurants with exquisite local cuisine.

Our fresh and attractive workplace is located 10 minutes walk from the center of Varna and 12 minutes from the beach. Near us, within a radius of about a kilometer are all the current attractions of the city, museums, galleries, sports facilities and of course the Sea ... There is hardly a denser network of restaurants, cafes and attractions in the city than in our nearby perimeter, which is why we are the preferred choice for workplace by guests of the city and digital nomads.

We are located on one of the main boulevards in the city of Varna, and around us there are transport solutions for every point of the city, the airport, the bus station, the railway station and the sea station of the city.  The transport solutions also offer regular bus transport to the favorite tourist resorts around Varna.

1. Awesome beaches

Do you dream of having a beach vacation, swim in crystal clear waters. Bolata Bay in Kavarna, located just 75 km away from Varna, is a refreshing spot that is not packed with tourists. It’s mostly visited by locals and it’s actually part of a natural reserve, which means that the water is incredibly clean. If that is what you search for just grab a towel, visit this place and relax

2. Affordable holiday

Are you on a budget? No worries, Varna is an affordable tourist destination. Here you can find a hotel room or a guest house for as cheap as 20 BGN, which is around 10 Euros.

3. Fascinating sightseeing experience

There are many incredible sights that you can visit in Varna. For example the Roman Thermae. Not often do you get the opportunity to wander amongst roman ruins. It's an ancient bath complex and it's one of the largest one remaining in Europe and the first one on the Balkans.

Another must visit location is the The Sea Garden in Varna, which is the largest landscaped park on the Balkans. In the summertime, it’s a lively place, crammed with people and activities. This is Varna’s citizens favourite place to relax, go on a walk with friends and family, socialize and have fun.

4. Entertainment: a lively town atmosphere

If you want something cozy, a nice atmosphere, and jazzy music then Bar Cubo is just the place for you. Located near the sea, it's one of the most preferred places by the citizens and tourists of Varna. Enjoy a cold drink and good music while sitting on the sand admiring the seaside.

Our amenities

Working hours
Mon-Fri between 9AM and 6PM.
Soundproof room
Private drop-in call room
Microwave, refrigerator, dishes, etc.
2 High-speed WiFi networks & IT support
Standing desk
Conference rooms
2 Private conference rooms
Black & white printing
Office supplies
Office supplies & equipment use
Drinks & Snacks
Limited locally roasted coffee, tea, and filtered water
Wheelchair accessible

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